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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

Tusobola Women External link icon

Mpigi Town., Mpigi Town, Mayembe Upper.

By 2030 we need to have a big shift in the way we treat our planet otherwise we are headed for doom. In Kampala alone over 28,000 tons of plastic waste is freely disposed every day without a functioning garbage disposal system in place, 51% remains uncollected out of which a lot is plastic. Only 1% of plastic waste is formally recycled. Huge amounts of plastic are poorly disposed in open environment and/or burnt causing health and environmental dangers. On the other hand, Out of the more than 15.5 billion people,Marginalized women make up 90%, according to the News paper report 60% are Women with disabilities and are often excluded from full participation in social, economic and educational programs with the assumptions that they are abnormal, slow, less productive and incompetent, exposing them to severe poverty. According to Uganda Population and Housing Census 2002, 6 percent of the population, are disabled. Applying this estimate to today’s Ugandan population, 60% Refugees are disabled Women Tusobola Women r-cycles plastic and polythene waste into trending fashion and accessories in sustainable waterproof Products. The waste is sorted out and washed before its fused using flatirons and tailored into bags. The Fused polythene waste are blended with African fabrics , (Kitengi) into unique artistic re-cycled accessories like Backpack Bags, Make up Kit, laptop bags and shopping bags. Our products are made by differently abled women. We have empowered and trained 70 Marginalized Women , those with physical impairments and the handicapped through training's hands on skills of unique, artistic, re-cycled fashion to enable them produce products with the available resources to become self-sustainable. We hope to train 2000 Marginalized Women by 2023 in Uganda. We are motivated to be able to incur a two-sided positive change for both the environmental protection and the inclusion of Women in all communities and government developmental programs.