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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

Advancing Inclusion through the Right to Digital Literacy External link icon


Thaki works to ensure that a child’s demographics, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds do not define their learning outcomes and future. Thaki tackles essential learning gaps for those whose education has been compromised through a unique model of social enterprise that satisfies the needs and desires of all stakeholders: Thaki collects retired donated laptops from corporates and transforms them into valuable life-fulfilling educational tools. The laptops are loaded with rich content and software programs for all ages which enhance digital literacy, deliver educational content, and support personal enrichment to help those who are marginalized and to those who are in most need. Thaki laptops provide access to offline quality educational content that instills values and builds digital skills and enhances self-learning capacities through a bespoke platform that promotes the skills needed to acquire employability and gain 21st century skills. In order to amplify the impact of our work, we also build the capacities of poorly trained teachers and help them become digitally literate to support their pupils' learning. Moreover, our model serves as a mechanism to lessen the strain on corporate and government financial solicitations. And as importantly, Thaki plays an environmental role by redirecting e-waste away from landfills, giving laptops a second life with a huge impact.