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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

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A case for OER (Open Education Resource) There are 250 million learners around the world who have finished their schooling – yet aren’t able to read or write well and lack the skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century. Additionally, around the globe are classrooms with tens of thousands of teachers struggling to close that educational gap – but lacking the access to tools and resources that will enable them to succeed. The Brookings Institute described a 100-year gap, the century it will take for the world’s poor children to achieve educational parity with the wealthy at today’s pace. Neither our world nor those learners can wait that long: We must find ways to close that gap quickly and efficiently, to allow all learners, educators, and educational systems to realize their full potential. By enabling ubiquitous access and personalization, Equitable EdTech can close the gap for students while also empowering teachers to be more effective, especially when there is lack of access to high quality schools, high-quality teacher training, rigorous curriculum, or appropriate interventions. Additionally, recent evidence demonstrates that these models can be both highly impactful and cost-effective. This project propose to give support for OER (Open Education Resource) at no cost to formal and informal learning facilities under the coverage of the network.