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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

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BIS: Bookers International School provides free quality education, Agritech and Sustainability skills to thousands of youths—with greater focus on young women within my community while making profit through special innovations. BIS uses 4 innovations which include its 50:50 Education Model, BEAP: Bookers Entrepreneurial and Apprenticeship Program; ByFE: Bookers Youth Farm Enterprise, and BEEP: Bookers Eco-Ed Program. BIS has empowered over 10,000 young people with quality education, entrepreneurial and sustainability skills since 2014. We run a 50:50 Education Model where the entire students’ population is divided into two. Half, (students from low income homes) pay full tuition, while the other 50% (carefully selected students who are Internally Displaced Persons, orphans, out-of-school-children and refugees) are on full scholarships. We created the Model because 90% of all the “Charity Schools in Nigeria often shut down within their first 2nd to 3rd years. We want to be able to continue operating forever.” To empower more youths, we created ByFE: Bookers Youth Farm Enterprise to train over 2,000 young people weekly. Our students TOTALLY manage and run our school farms, while making profit for our school and themselves in return. The farm turned a profit of over $50,000 in 2019 after we'd paid over 2,000 stakeholders and participants in harvests and cash worth over $30,000. We introduced BEEP: Bookers Eco-Education Program to train youths and farmers about sustainability and the environment. We challenge our participants to come up with ideas on how to solve the climate challenges. We have since developed some products which are now earning the school and students money. One of our popular innovations is SMAB: Smart Mobile "Adogan" Bio-digester, a device made from plastic which turns food, animal, and human waste into biogas. The biogas can be used for cooking and also generating electricity. SMAB has been installed into over 5,000 off-grid homes.