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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

Establishing an android app External link icon


1- We were unable to reach as many people as possible. 2- The majority of refugees do not obtain the necessary assistance and basic needs. 3- The spacing of the refugee settlements and their distribution in different regions. 4- The inability of some refugees to use social media. 5- The refugees ’inability to communicate with the specialized agencies in the event that they do not meet their basic needs. 6- The refugees ’inability to obtain medical or food aid and the existence of some problems that are delaying the arrival of this aid on time. 7- The inability of the refugees to understand with the people in the country of asylum, due to the difference in language. 8- The presence of UNHCR committee staff who do not carry out their duties towards refugees and the refugees ’inability to obtain alternative solutions when facing such a situation. There are many problems that we face in our daily life, but the main and important problems that we are trying to find solutions and help refugees from their suffering in the country of asylum are presented. Among the practical solutions that he proposed in order to solve the problems mentioned above are the following: 1- Creating an Android program that works as a network for all refugees around the world, through this application.