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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

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The problem I am trying to solve is the lack of refugee’s employment. Refugees education is very important, but not all refugees are willing to continue their education. According to the UN, the average age of immigrants including refugees is 39, and only 13.9% are below 20. So, a lot of refugees tend to support their families by trying to get a job but they lack the skills to have one especially in the developed countries. Facilitating the Insertion of Refugee and other disadvantaged groups into the labor market is my solution. How? By improving their skills and abilities through the establishments of specialized educational platforms that qualify those people to meet the labor market needs. Steps involved: 1- Partnering with organizations, companies, or businesses that are interested in building training programs to get qualified candidates to work for them. We will also educate them about the benefit of hiring refugees. 2- Working with non-profit organizations to build training programs and pathways to qualify and prepare refugees to fulfill these job requirements and meet the involved companies' needs. 3- Upon completion of these programs the trainee will work with the involved company. They can also share their new skills with other employers if they wish. 4- We will write success stories about the impact of those refugees, and how the companies they worked in became more productive. 5- Other companies will be encouraged to involve in this project as they will see a practical example of the impact of this idea hence creating more impact. Employment will help to increase refugee’s self-reliance and dependence on social services. It would also help to increase access to other essential services such as healthcare and education. On the overall, it would lead to improved standards of living. This will allow families of those individuals to live in a better environment away from shelters and camps.