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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

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1. The problem that I am committed to solve is the one which must help all young refugees and Refugees to attend an Education opportunity through E-learning opportunities especially on Kiron Open Higher Education and other platforms giving opportunities for Refugees. 2. The solution to my proposition is to build in every Refugee camps and in urban cities, a place where Refugees can have access to learning materials through E-campus opportunities. This means that the learning centers will be equipped with Computers and High speed data connection and if possible books to read. This opportunity to attend an online degree or skills improvement will open next career doors to refugee in lack of confidence and lack of skills to build their professional pathways. 3. Once this solution implemented around the globe, Many refugees will have the opportunity to study and be certified or gain online degrees which will help them get the opportunity to be interns or workers in every field of their choices during the study journey. Many lives will have a new chapter which will help also their families to be developed and include themselves into the Asylum country. Girls will have the power to speak for their rights after being well formed by Professional improvement skills and the risk of getting many homeless and workless in cities will decrease by increasing new leaders and workers. Once it will be time for Refugees to return in home countries, They will return bot as Refugees but as Professional citizens and future leaders.