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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

Finding scholarships for high school graduates refugees who live in Rwanda to do tertiary education. External link icon


I am committed to solve a lack of scholarships problem of high school graduates refugees in Rwanda which prevents them to do tertiary education. This is because their families are not financial able to afford tertiary education for them. In fact, every individual in the camp is given around $8 by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR per a month just to buy foods. I am proposing that donors can assist those graduates to get full funded scholarships for taking further their education in Rwanda or even abroad. I am pretty sure that those graduates will get enough skilled after attending universities which will help them to boost their careers in the future. Actually, here in Rwanda when either a girl or a boy in every refugee camp finishes secondary education he/she is 95% risky to do not go to university. I am giving such example because I am a refugee in Kiziba camp in Rwanda; fortunately, I have got a chance of doing tertiary education through an American full funded scholarship with around 24 youth from the camp in 2016. That university is Southern New Hampshire which had an initiate of giving scholarships to competent youth in refugee camps found here in Rwanda. Unfortunately, it is not accepting applicants for a period of 3 years every high school graduate in the camps has to find how he/she will go to university . I am really seeking scholarships for those high school graduates who are sitting in the camps without going to universities.