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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

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South Asia

First of all, I am truly honoured to present my idea to the jury. Although I have as a disabled individual (with mobility restrictions) faced acute stigma and discrimination in employment, I do not seek vengeance or retribution when I believe in vision to face the most pressing challenges of our time. At this time, as the world faces a crisis of mammoth proportions (Covid 19), I see a huge opportunity in addressing the global human rights and democracy situation and issues such as poverty, inequality and refugee crisis. I have just read a World Development Report which includes an interview with a Nobel Laureate and it says (and that is my prediction too, humbly speaking) that if we are to find a solution to this crisis and all other not too remote pandemics, we MUST invest in preventing global migration, arrest social ferment by spacing urban slums (our biggest sufferers because of squalor, lack of sanitation and hygiene and overcrowding ) and guarantee poor livelihoods etc. To prevent this and others like global warming from increasing in intensity, we must launch a multiplicity of measures like investing in reform, child development and better welfare amenities for all peace loving peoples around the world, every conceivable person. NO ONE SHOULD HENCE BE LEFT BEHIND, OR WE RISK FURTHER MORE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES...