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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference


Amplify Now - A conference co-created by participants

The theme of our conference is “Elevating new learning and strengthening communities.” This theme is even more relevant in the face of the impact and new challenges for learning provision and community cohesion arising from coping with Covid-19. We want to create a conference that is inclusive, co-created and co-hosted by participants to amplify the voices and innovative solutions of refugees and underserved communities worldwide. 

We believe…

  • That refugees have immense strengths and talent and can enhance the dynamism and diversity of our societies

  • That cutting-edge technologies and strong community efforts can empower and support refugees

With this online conference…

  • We will recognise refugees, refugee-led and supported organisations

  • We will give a voice to refugees and those affected by forced displacement

  • We will feature local and international discussions and events (large and small), taking place on World Refugee Day across the globe.

  • We will provide a digital space that amplifies the contribution of innovative technology-based and community-based solutions to empowering refugees and those who help them

We aim to…

  • Co-create this conference with individuals, partners and stakeholders to ensure that the conference contributions are relevant and diverse

  • Encourage and promote openly licensed and open technology solutions (open educational resources, open source programs and open data) to ensure that solutions found can be shared, revised and adapted by other users 

We invite contributions to the conference from…

  • Refugees or refugee-led groups

  • Start-up incubators working on refugee-focussed challenges

  • Communities empowering refugees

  • Private enterprises and public organisations who contribute to supporting refugees’ learning and personal development through innovative means

We offer support to contributions by...

  • Discussing with you directly on your first ideas

  • Putting you in contact with other organisations or individuals working on similar initiatives