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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

Amplifying Refugee Voices during COVID-19

20.06.2020, 3:00 PM CET

    Covid-19 • Coronavirus • Storytelling • Video • Advocacy • Citizen Journalism


Climate change, hunger, war, and prosecution have displaced more than 70 million people globally of which 43 million are in refugee camps or unofficial camps. Taking care of this huge number of displaced people is a herculean responsibility shared by governments, international organizations and NGOs. With the arrival of the Covid19 pandemic, governments around the world implemented strict measures, encouraging social distancing, better hygiene, and lowering mobility.

Integrating refugee testimonials, this session will invite participants to reflect on the following questions: How is this working out for people locked in refugee camps? How are they surviving? How can we amplify the voices of refugees to help them survive Covid19? What will be our call-to-action?

Faces of Change foundation launched a platform Voice4theVoiceless and activated their network to gather stories from around the world from and around this emerging human catastrophe. Like & share Voice4theVoiceless to amplify the need for urgent care.

This session may be live-streamed and recorded. 

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