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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

Celo- Economic Empowerment through Technology

20.06.2020, 5:00 PM CET

    Empowerment • Technology
Satellite Event


After fleeing war or persecution, one of the most effective ways people can rebuild their lives and prosper is through the opportunity to work. 

The mission of the Celo Alliance for Prosperity is to create a more prosperous world with mission-aligned organizations. We believe that this goal can only be achieved by enabling individuals to access  financial tools and work opportunities, thus empowering them to become economically independent, lead fulfilling lives and shape their future. 

Celo Alliance members Grameen Foundation and Appen will join a panel moderated by cLabs to talk about their work with refugee communities, providing pathways to financial and labor market inclusion in a sustainable and scalable way by making use of technology.

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