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June 19-20 2020

Virtual Refugee Conference

Giving a Voice to Refugee Community Leaders - Leadership Experience in Ireland in the Late 1990s and in Lebanon in 2020

19.06.2020, 1:00 PM CET

    Community • Voices • Leadership
Satellite Event


Refugees are often portrayed as victims in the media, and their voices are seldom heard. In this event you will gain an insight into Leadership in refugee and Asylum Seeker communities in Ireland and Lebanon 20 years apart. This event, will give you three perspectives of leadership across time and space.

Professor Siv Vangen will introduce the Open University and the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership and their initiatives to promote leadership among their student body.

Kensika Monshengwo, Integration Officer, Immigrant Council of Ireland, will share insights from his leadership of the Association of Asylum Seekers in Ireland in the late 1990s.

Jihad Saab, Student Support Officer, Kiron Open Higher Education gGmbH Lebanon, will interview refugee community leaders Khalil Dougaiman and Muhamad al Homsi.

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